Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It snowed!

Well, I haven't posted on here for ages - life gets in the way sometimes!  This was the extent of our snow here in SW France.  Nowhere near as bad as in northern France or the UK.  It was very very cold, though, and went down to -11 degrees some nights.  It has warmed up over the last couple of days, though.  I didn't want the snow to settle because, although we are only five minutes away from town by car, we have to drive down country roads to get there, and they don't seem to grit here! 

Footprints in the snow.  This was Louis the cat's first experience of snow; he was obviously pacing about waiting for someone to open the front door!

The view down the drive. We managed to get both our cars under cover in the barn to the right. It's a huge barn that will be pulled down next year because it's a bit unsightly. It's handy, though. Besides our two cars, we have a one-ton trailer and our neighbours' caravan in there, along with a load of old hay that was left behind by the last owners.

Well, I've done loads of knitting and crochet lately, all presents to take back to family members when we visit the UK in the New Year.  I shall post photos when I've finished them all.

Husband is currently working on a new step outside the door, so photos of that to follow, too, when it's finished.  At the moment, the step is a real mess, and too narrow for safety. At least when it's done I shall stop falling off it!

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  1. Kathy -- Keep warm -11deg!!! That is super chilly! We are blocked in our village in the UK this morning . So icy. cars cant make the hill !! Thinking about you and sending a big hug. Know you will love the skype on Christmas Day. Enjoy a lovely dinner though. What a treat to have it cooked !
    Kindest Regards Linda