Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Happy Happy Happy New Year to Everyone!

Today, after torrential rain and thunderstorms for the last two days, the sun came out and it actually felt like spring had finally arrived! I am not easily fooled, and temperatures at and below freezing have been forecast for next week but, oh, this sun is so welcome.  As it turned out, I had changed the bedlinen this morning and, instead of draping it over the airer (I have a tumble dryer but am loathe to use it), I have pegged it out on the line, feeling the warmth of the sun as I did - and it's drying!  I know it will not last; I know I will be back to wearing extra layers; I also know that we are still very much in the depths of winter ....but today's sunshine has lifted my spirits and assured me that spring is actually on the way.

I am also fully aware that those of you in other parts of the world have freezing conditions right now, and I hope you are all coping and keeping warm and safe.

This photo was taken facing the sun but you can still see the blue of the sky - it really has been a beautiful day today.

Thanks to all who have visited my blog this year.  I hope to keep posting regularly throughout 2010, with photos of the renovation work on the house, things I have knitted and crocheted, updates about the charity knitting thread running on, places I visit whilst I am still exploring my corner of France, and anything else that crops up along the way.  I have discovered some lovely blogs this year and look forward to visiting them regularly, so thanks to all those whose blogs I have enjoyed -  I can't wait to catch up with you in 2010.

Above all, I wish you all a HAPPY, HEALTHY AND WEALTHY New Year!



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  1. And the same to you Kathy, I do so enjoy reading about your life in France, a life we would have liked but it just did not work out for us.