Sunday, April 11, 2010

The chaos continues - but we're getting there!

The work on the house is in full swing, although we took most of yesterday off and went to our favourite patisserie for lunch, sitting in the sun on the bandstand in the local square, then taking in a vide grenier (the French version of a car boot sale) before coming back for a snooze before dinner.  A good relaxing day to set us up for the days ahead. 

In the morning, one of the Husband's brothers (the other one is staying here for the week to help with all the plumbing!) came up with his wife on their beautiful  Harley Davidson trike - I'm the one in the driving seat (but I wasn't allowed to drive it!)

The plan today is to replace this horrid, ancient, too low sink with a brand new unit with a brand new shiny Franke sink!  I shall be so glad to see it go, not least because the previous owner had his bedroom in the dining room next to the kitchen and I always imagined him using it for all the wrong reasons if he couldn't be bothered to find his way to the bathroom - it's at that convenient height for a man!
All that will be a distant memory later on today!

I haven't had time to do any relaxing crochet lately, but I will try and get some done today, if only to keep me sane while the renovation work continues.  The great thing is having my brother-in-law around - he's a much better labourer than me, and he plumbs, too!  His 11-year old son is staying here with us, too, and he's been helping me with my French and running errands to earn some euros, so I shall take him shopping with me this morning.

There will be chaos outside the house, too, because the track running alongside our house is being widened and resurfaced - the work will take around two weeks so our quiet little hamlet will be a hive of activity, but it's all going to improve life out here, so will be well worth the hassle. 

Well, that's all for now from this little corner of France.  Of course, I shall be posting a photo of the new sink later!


  1. Wow -- It is going to be wonderful Love Linda

  2. Eventually, we need to replace the old ones, just like that 'ancient' sink of yours. I'm glad you did! How is the new sink? Is it still working well? I hope it is. Before we moved in to our new home in Florida, my hubby and I invested in a high quality type of furniture and other kitchen stuff. Yeah, most of them are expensive but at least we don't to replace it every year, which makes it smart and practical. I hope that you bought a sturdy replacement for your old sink, one that will last for many years. Cheers!

    Althea Tumlin