Sunday, April 18, 2010

Renovation update - the story continues!

I've not posted on here since the last Knit Your Square update, but a lot has been going on - in fact, a lot more, thanks to the arrival of my mad-but-strangely-loveable brother-in-law who drove all the way up from the south of France (about seven hours on the road) with his lovely 11-year old son,  to indulge us with  his excellent plumbing and tea-drinking skills!  After a long journey, he threw himself straight into helping around the house - well, he had to if he wanted beds for them to sleep in! 

First photo shows last week's renovating (wrecking?) team - a husband on the right and a brother-in-law on the left. They were far more professional in action than they look here!

Apparently, my favourite mug was the perfect tool to keep one of the copper pipes at the right height!  The rather strange floor tiles will eventually be replaced with something a bit lighter and a little more contemporary.

This arrangement under the sink was much admired by the men, and I was instructed to take a photo of it - German engineering at its best, I was told. Me? Well, I was more interested in having something coming out of the taps.

The chaos continued outside the house, too.  This photo shows the trench that had been dug out to re-route our water supply. As the road was being upgraded, the water company decided to do the water works at the same time, to save disrupting the new road surface at a later date.

This is the view from the back of the house showing where the road has been widened - they have still to lay the final surfacing material, but it's already a great improvement on the bumpy track that was there before, and has been well-used by the local children; at last, somewhere for them to use their wheels - of the bike, scooter, and roller-boot variety - without falling down a pot-hole!

One of the water meter boxes that will eventually be hidden from view - well, I hope it will; it's hardly the most attractive of garden features.

An unexpected surprise just outside the back door - some lovely violas that had seeded themselves from a pot I had planted last year.

Well, this is just a little update on things around here - more to follow soon, when I've scraped a little more of the inevitable dust away!  Thanks for reading.


  1. Wow1
    Well how wonderful to have 2 pairs of hands-- Slowly,slowly catchee monkey. But the light is at the end of the road/tunnel. Love Linda

  2. What a flashback for me - those tiles are similiar as ones I laid in my first house back around 1987!!!!!
    Thanks for reminding me of why I really do not want to renovate again!!