Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Antics in the attic!

Well, progress IS being made up there.  One beam has been removed and replaced, and they've decided that the beam that was going to be left in place should be taken out, too, so the workload has doubled but I'm glad they've made that decision.  Fortunately, the room is empty of furniture so they can make as much mess as they like at the moment!

This is the first beam to be removed. It's been propped up by timbers then cut into sections between the props - the easiest way to remove it. 

The sections of beam being thrown out through the window! Not as scary as it sounds - the house is on a tiny track with no passing traffic and only one more house to the side of it, so no-one was in danger.  The sections have been stacked up in a barn opposite the house.

This shows one end of the new (steel) beam that has been bricked in at each end.


This shows the other end of the beam, and the acro props holding it up while the cement sets around the bricks.

This shows the section of unsupported (!) roof where the second beam has just been removed.

More timbers stacked at the window reading for throwing out.

This shows a piece of the old beam that has been cut to fit into one of the  sound beams in the room  - the timber was so straight, it was crying out to used.

Well, that is progress so far.  I haven't posted pictures of all the mess on the floor -  preferred to ignore that bit!  The end result of all this will be a huge bedroom with no obstructions and no risk of the ceiling caving in on anyone, so will be more than worth all the effort and expense.  I hope to be posting photos of the finished room at some point over the next couple of months!

Thanks for reading - I bet you're all glad it's not your house!

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  1. Yes I am, but I think I would love it to be my house when it is all finished and your Doh wants to move on to your next renovation project!!
    Love Linda