Monday, April 5, 2010

Help - look at my attic!

Well, work is well in progress as I type.  The first photo shows one end of the beam which goes right through the thick granite wall to the outside wall.  It has to be dug out at both ends. The second and third pictures show  how it  is being held up, by a combination of acro props and thick timbers.  The idea is to cut the beam out in sections and the upright timbers will hold each section up.   I have no idea what will happen next - it seems daft to ask the men  how the roof will stay on until the new beam is put in!  The last picture shows the mess on the floor - glad it's not me doing the work or the clearing up after!  I'm equally glad we emptied the room first!


  1. Far too technical for me !!! Looks really scary so its just as well you are making tea and well out of it. I am sure it will be really wonderful when its all done
    Love Linda

  2. Dont get making them too many cups of tea Kathy! You will want to get this finished! Certainly have got a lot of work there.
    Hope the weather stays okay for you.
    Hugs and Love Suex