Thursday, November 26, 2009

The sky - so full of promise!

I had every intention of posting photos of all the things I have been crocheting over the last couple of weeks for Christmas presents but, as they all need the ends sewing in, this has been postponed. I now have my usual WIP bag, and a new addition - my 'things-that-need-the-ends-sewing-in-in-progress' bag (TTNTESIIP). I have promised myself that this weekend will be a finishing-off weekend.

Instead, I took yet more pictures of 'our' sky. We are lucky enough to have a huge panoramic view of farmland from the back of our house and the sky is huge; at night, because we have no street-lighting, it is studded with hundreds of thousands of stars  which take your breath away.  I will try and take photos.  This photo was taken at around 7 am on Wednesday morning. We have shutters here so it is hard to tell what the outside looks like when we first get up in the morning and, sometimes, I open the shutters and am so taken aback by what I see that I have to race outside in my dressing-gown and take photos. What the neighbours think, I have no idea!  I'm sure I can hear them muttering 'that crazy English woman'!

At the moment, I am crocheting lots of ruffle scarves for presents but I also want to make a pocket angel to send to my sister. She has been in hospital recently with something that has yet to be properly diagnosed. It's her birthday next week and I thought an angel would look after her for me, so I need to get that in the post asap. In fact, I've just realised how little time I have so I will definitely get that done today!

I hope that I will soon be posting crochet-related photos and not even more of the sky!

Thanks for popping in.

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