Friday, November 13, 2009

Nature is wonderful!

In the midst of a gloomy grey and wet fortnight, nature provided us with a few wonders, such as this glorious sunrise. The colours were amazing and the way the clouds were drifting along was almost mesmerising.

We found a new park yesterday. It was my first trip out for a few days, having been housebound due to my first French cold/virusy thingy. It was a lovely mild autumny day with a not-very-bright sun, but still lovely to be out and about.

Not the best photo in the world, but one of a family of deer we came across, quite unexpectedly, in the park.

I picked up some autumn leaves because I couldn't resist them, although it seemed a shame to spoil the display that nature had made of them!  Gathering them up reminded me of nature tables many summers ago, when we would collect things to take to school. My boys also loved to collect things for a nature table at home. I've decided I'm going to start another one today. We have 'nature' all around us but, with such busy lives, we sometimes forget to 'stand and stare'. I'm going to try very hard to do some standing and staring every day from now on.


  1. I am so glad you are feeling a little better and able to start enjoying all the things you love.
    Linda xx

  2. Sorry you've been under the weather. Nice to get outside for some fresh air. These are gorgeous photos and I've enjoyed looking at them.
    Hugs and Love
    Good weekend, Sue x

  3. Linda and Sue - thank you both so much for your comments. I AM feeling better as each day goes by; it really makes me appreciate my usual good health.

    Hope you both have a wonderful weekend.