Sunday, November 8, 2009

A little goat shed and a lot of renovation!

A little goat shed in the back garden  - currently used by Louis the cat when he's caught out in the rain!

The office partly renovated. We still need to replace the pane of glass in the window and paint the window frames.  The ceiling needs plastering but the cabling is in place for the downlights.  Oh, and we have to decide on flooring, too. This room will eventually be my office but will be a temporary sitting room during the winter months, while the real sitting room is being renovated.The building you can see outside is another barn we found we owned on the day of purchase.  The road in between is ours, too!

This area was originally one great big room but we have turned the space into an office off a big hallway. The hallway has had a new staircase fitted and the bit above the stairs will be vaulted, with a gallery landing. Originally the stairs were a rickety wooden ladder on the outside of the building, so this is progress indeed!

This is the downstairs bathroom which is right next to the kitchen, handily enough! It looks even better in here now because Husband cleaned the shower doors yesterday and they are gleaming! The cubby-hole next to the window will eventually have old pine doors fitted to turn it into a cupboard.

Again, this area was one big room which has been turned into a bathroom, utility room (photos of that later when it's been finished and is not being used as a general dumping ground!), and another hall (which visiting friends decided was a boot-room!)

I am so ashamed of the shower doors in this photo - since Husband cleaned them, we have a squeegee in place to keep them clean!

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  1. I'm sure it will be great when you're all done! I know I hate mess too. But it's worth it in the end. You have a lovely home, I'm sure the scenery is beautiful too.
    Hugs and Love Suex