Friday, October 30, 2009

A Scarf for Christmas

I have just finished this scarf which will be a Christmas present. I had intended to add a fringe but I ran out of yarn, so I crocheted two of Lucy's (Attic 24) flowers in crochet thread to add as an embellishment.

Another Christmas present just started, using Caron's Ruffle Scarf pattern (but in trebles instead of dcs)  It's pictured alongside one of my favourite books, which I read for inspiration!


  1. Hi there!
    Thanks so much for the kind comments about my blog. I'm pleased you are enjoying it. I noticed you were giving my blog a plug which I appreciate. Just wondering - one of the comments 'A clique of knitters maybe' baffled me slightly. From Kinsey.
    Well done to the work you are doing and I hope you'll pop over to see me again soon.
    Lovely Barn you have there.
    Kind regards Sue (Mrs Twins)>

  2. Kathy,

    I am Csarina from MSE. If you read further on in my blog you will see that we moved out of the sheltered housing; after I scalded myself very badly, to get rid of the damn kitchen. We are back in a house with a much bigger kitchen there are photos further on in my blog.

    I also felt that OH's condition was making him depressed and moving back into a house with a garden he can potter in has helped tremendously. We still do not know what is causing his dizzy do's he has now been referred on to a second Consultant, waiting for an appointment for the clinic just now.

    I will be reading your blog with great interest. We had 3 treis at moving to FRance, none of them came to anything. We have to content ourselves with visits when we can.