Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A little

The previous owners of our house left a lot of rubbish here; we still haven't got rid of it all but have taken several trailer-loads to the local 'dechetterie' (rubbish tip). Now and again we come across something that we are quite grateful that they left behind. One of them is this lovely little range. It's around 1920s, all the tiles are intact, the rail needs re-chroming and the cast iron top and door frames need wire-brushing and a coat of Hammerite, but it will make a lovely feature when the house is finished. It needed emptying of ash and coke (as well as, believe it or not, old socks that I presume the last person to use it was trying to dry!), which was a really filthy job - mine, of course! I don't think we'll ever use it but it's lovely to look at. I shall take another photo when it's fully restored.

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  1. Hi Kathy, what a beautiul find. Been trying to think what it could be used for when renovated, what about a cocktail bar? lol.