Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A 'new' door!

This is the door to the attic bedroom. Previously, we had a curtain hung up in the doorway. We found the door in the barn-of-many-surprises-and-lots-of-rubbish (along with five more the same), but, because the entrance to the room is low, it had to be cut down. It has so far been lightly sanded and hung; Husband had to make up a frame for it, then plaster round the frame to fill in the gaps, and then we'll decide on how to finish it. There's a lot of wood - beams and so on - here, so, although I'd love to just stain and wax the door to show the lovely grain (the wood is pitch pine) we'll probably paint it white - we just can't really make our minds up yet! Fortunately, this is the only door that Husband has to stoop to get through - he's 6'3". When we were house-hunting here, we found lots of lovely old houses but many of them had low beams and door frames throughout, and Husband got fed up with having to avoid them, so we had to make sure the house we chose had as few dangers as possible! The door and landing will, I'm assured, look lovely when finished!

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