Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Long time no see - again!

Well, I had no intention of leaving it so long since my last post on here but, oh, doesn't the time just fly by - especially when you are enjoying yourself?!  We had a thoroughly magical time when Son Number One visited last week with his lovely wife and two gorgeous children - they filled the house completely the way only children can.  We spent most days visiting parks and our lovely local lake resort; the weather was perfect and they were able to spend hours swimming, too. We are lucky enough to have several fantastic parks here with loads to do for children almost without spending a penny, apart from buying the odd icecream.  The children bought a volley-ball set with them so that was set up in the garden, along with the basketball net that we bought ages and ages ago and have just got round to fixing to the wall. The Husband and I did a lot of running around last week - it made us feel like children, too!

It's quite a climb to reach this viewpoint but well worth it - one of our favourite views of Parthenay

Another lovely view.

 Some of the great play equipment at one of our local parks. The children spent hours here - they are a very active pair and really wore themselves out!  It made us exhausted just watching them!

Yet more activity - yet again, we just watched...

...and they loved this! It went round really fast, too. It looks as if they spent most of their time with us with their feet off the ground!

A surprise visitor to the garden. We've been told that hedgehogs are protected here in France. Although it's unsual to see one during the daytime, this one looked to be the picture of health. He sat there for ages while the grandchildren took photos - the perfect subject!

No, this wasn't in the garden!  We have a local park with a real menagerie of animals in it - this peacock posed perfectly for the photo that my grandson took.

Well, that was the latest family visit - I miss them all now that they have gone but we will be visiting them soon, so I have lots to look forward to!

I shall try and blog tomorrow with updates on the renovations to the house - there is still a lot to do but progress is being made, slowly but surely!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh Kathy it looks like you had a really lovely time with the family. So wonderful for you.
    I think you should get over missing them by making a looooooong list for the wool shop when you come home for your holiday.
    Can't wait to see the next instalment on the refurb
    Love Linda

  2. Bonjour SIBOL sister..I've noticed your blog from Mrs Twins. Happy to see you've been having so much fun. Enjoy!

  3. SIBOL sister! I like that!
    Hi Kathy,
    Glad you are back!
    Been thinking of you.
    Is that a different photo at the top? I think so.
    Looks good very pretty, I love it.
    Glad you had a nice time with your family.
    Have you got that much more to do now?
    Or is that a daft question :)!
    Love Suex