Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just outside my door this morning as the sun is rising!

Just a hint of the sun as it rises behind the trees - looks like it's going to be another lovely day!

You can just make out the calves here - these two are just a little bit hyperactive. They don't seem to realise that cows are supposed to be calm and peaceful, and we often see them galloping around the field chasing and headbutting each other, and ignoring their mums!

After a few weeks of hot sunny weather, and a little rain, one of the orange trees we bought a couple of months ago seems to have sprung into life - don't think we'll be picking oranges for a while, though!

A fiery hot chilli plant - a gift from a friend about eight weeks ago. All the chillies were purple when we first had the plant.  I've been warned that this is one of the hottest chillies around so, while I love chilli, I only love the mild stuff. I might try it on The Husband first!

A busy bee indeed - this one was already at work at 7am this morning!

Looking out of my window right now, the sun has just surfaced above the trees and it looks like we are in for a beautiful day, so I shall try and take some time out (it's NOT bank holiday here!) and take some more photos.

As it's bank holiday in the UK, I hope everyone there has a wonderful day.  I shall be there myself soon - just for a break to catch up with family and friends. Just a few more sleeps to go!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Everything looks lovely. Hope you enjoy your time back in England visiting the family.

  2. What a wonderful start to your day-- Enjoy all the preparation for your trip x

  3. Your orange tree looks fantastic - I'm sure the scent is heavenly. Hope you get some oranges!