Friday, June 11, 2010

Hurried woman syndrome!

When I first started this blog, I had every intention of posting on regularly. Well, that has gone completely out of the window! I hadn't counted on just how few hours in the day, days in the week, and even months in the year, there really are!

I seem to do a little of everything and achieve a lot of nothing!  A little crochet but a lot of planning things to crochet - the list gets ever longer.  A lot of 'helping' the Husband with the house renovations - and a lot of clearing up and reorganising afterwards - that list gets ever longer, too. And, of course, there's the endless round of cooking, cleaning, shopping and other boringness to contend with.

However, things progress - slowly but surely.

A nice treat yesterday was some roses from a friend's garden - the pink ones are spectacular and ramble along a white wall  that really sets them off.  I found a few carnations to put with them.

These yellow ones smell delicious - a truly old-fashioned fragrance that transported me back to childhood.  Not the most beautifully-photographed, but lovely all the same.

Louis the Lazy Cat on one of the rare occasions when he's awake instead of lying practically comatose for twelve-hour stretches in any patch of sunlight he can find. He actually accompanied us outside for a stroll round the garden, but soon succumbed to his favourite pastime of yawning and looking for a comfy place to indulge in some ZZZZZs!  We've had several cats over the years, but Louis is most definitely the laziest ever! He's French, of course, and no-one in France hurries to do anything - why should he be any different?

Meanwhile, this is a bloom on an indoor hibiscus - I only wish the flowers lasted more than a day.  The plant was a birthday present last year; it was beautiful  until we went away in February and it didn't like being ignored. I was ready to throw it away but the Husband has tended it lovingly  and restored it, if not to its former glory, at least half way there. 

A relatively tidy scene on a lovely summer's day - all looks peaceful outside but chaos reigns behind the door! 

I will update on the renovation work a bit later - I have to sort through all the photos first!

Have a great day, and thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    I thought you'd be snowed under with house renovation work!
    We will all be here when you have time, dont worry!
    Great to see you're okay anyway,
    Love to you Suex