Sunday, July 4, 2010

A beautiful start to the day!

After days and days of high temperatures, the weather had a different feel  first thing this morning -  like the sort of day when you know that you can sit outside for more than ten minutes without turning into a crisp!  I sat outside with my first cuppa of the day and watched the cows grazing in the field next to my garden. These aren't anxious, fast-munching cows, rather they take their time, stopping every few mouthfuls to admire the surrounding countryside.  They are so far from pollution and other threats - they live a happy peaceful life, completely unaware, thankfully, that they are eventually destined for the table.  They are called Parthenaise; they are  local to this part of France, and the farmers are immensely proud of them. They have quite an enviable routine at this time of year - eating all morning and sleeping all afternoon, when all you can see moving are tails and ears, switching away the flies.  I think I might follow their example one of these days!

The sun was just starting to filter through the trees; no-one else was around - mind, it was early and everyone else in the hamlet was probably still asleep!  It is Sunday, after all - only a mad Englishwoman like me would be up this early, especially in France!

Back indoors, I loved the way the sun seeped through the little window high up in the dining room, so out came the camera again!

It can't have gone unnoticed that the World Cup has been occupying the minds of fans - whether they be true fans who follow football right through the season, or those, like me, who don't normally watch but can't help but get caught up in the World Cup itself.  I really wished I was back in England because I knew that the flags, and anything else red and white, would be flying frantically from every available point.  Here in France, you'd be forgiven for thinking that France had not qualified - not one flag flying, not one piece of cheerful bunting fluttering in the breeze - it's no wonder the team looked demoralised!  Whilst England did not do as well as we were all hoping, at least they got that far - I won't mention 'the' goal!  The Husband and I watched the team play  Germany on the edge of our seats - well, until about ten minutes into the second half when I thought it was more interesting to put the bins out, and the Husband turned off the TV in disgust and carried on pottering about in the garden!  The only member of the family with no opinion either way was Louis, the cat - here he is just as it was becoming obvious that our team were on the next plane home!   I'm sorry it's such an inelegant pose; he has no shame! I'm not sure what he'll be like when we've had him 'fixed' at the end of the month! He spends most of his time like this, with the odd break for food, and a slow, very slow, walk around the garden!

I'll be back later with photos of the outside of the house that the Husband is currently painting! He hasn't quite finished yet - I'll go and tell him to hurry up!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a lovely day!


  1. It makes me feel like I am there.xx

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog and for becoming a follower. I hope you'll enjoy my musings from time to time. I've visited your blog several times and have been impressed by your charity knitting work.

    I love that picture of Louis - he looks so relaxed. I'm sure he'll be even more relaxed once he's been 'fixed'!


  3. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm so pleased you
    got the card okay.
    IF you get chance. Can you take a photo and put it up on Flickr. I've made a SIBOL card Gallery for the Cards.
    I've also asked Linda for her address in Spain, as hers is one of the ones that I'm still trying to get an address for.
    if you chat, could you ask her to email me please with it.
    Many thanks.
    well I'm pleased footie is nearly over. I have enjoyed watching England although they didn't do well. I instantly took my flags down from the garden when I knew they were out!
    Anyway, I hope the work is going good for you. Question is....When will you finish?
    Love to you Suex

  4. Hi Kathy, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog - that was very kind of you to give me the details of the theraputic gloves and much appreciated. I have added them to my favourites and may well order some next week if the treatment I am trying doesn't improve the situation. I was very touched by the trouble you went to! France is looking splendid, we usually holiday over there but sadly not this year and I will miss it!!! The charity knitting sounds good I may delve - can't stop crafting!!!!!! x