Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Squares of comfort

The online knitting group that I am a member of makes many things for many different good  causes but, now and again, sadly, tragedy strikes at one of those who also contributes generously of their time and materials.  There is a collective feeling amongst us all that we want to do 'something' to express how sorry we are, and what better way than for every one of us to make a square or two which can be sewn together  to make one comforting blanket to embrace someone in great need.  What is so inspiring is that knitters and crocheters are so generous, we always end up with more than one blanket because people just can't stop making the squares.

These squares are for a blanket for someone from another group that works tirelessly for charity Loving Hands is run by a wonderful lady called Lou, and she has amassed a huge band  of knitters and crocheters who all devote many hours to deserving causes around the world. Many of the members of the group send their finished items to Loving Hands, and they are lovingly distributed to those in need.

Knitting and crocheting squares like these are the perfect way of using up oddments and scraps of wool left over from other projects. When sewn together into one blanket, the contributions of many people come together, making something really special.


  1. What beautiful squares and a very worthy cause

  2. Wonderful squares Kathy. L
    I am sure the blankets are going yo be beautiful x

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments!


  4. Thanks for popping over Kathy. I went on the site terrible sadness. I'm sure the blankets will be of comfort. You may have realised I'm starting to put blankets together shortly for the Elderly. I've already got squares in from friends. Best of luck with everything you do.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  5. Squares look lovely Kathy :-) x